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Requirements for Jelqing

by elidork on January 26, 2012

What does the Jelqing Method require?

If you’ve looked into male enhancement at all, you will have noticed all kinds of different methods for getting a bigger penis.


Now nearly ALL of these male enhancement methods require that you need something. Usually it’s pills to buy every month, or else it’s some kind of hardware contraption, like a pump or an extender.


There are actually some extremely strange concoctions out there which one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy, let alone willingly strap themselves.


Here’s where the jelqing method differs. You basically don’t need anything but your own two hands to do the jelqing method.


Actually that’s not entirely true. You do need a few things.


Here’s what you need in order to perform the jelqing method properly:

Lubrication. To keep things safe and effective, lubrication is a must. You always want to lube up beforehand. Now there is such a thing as “dry jelqing” but that type of jelqing method is for more advanced jelqers who have been exercising for several months.

Hand Towels. These are used for warm ups and warm downs. Although you only need one hand towel a session, it’s best to purchase multiple hand towels so you wont have to wash them every day. Basically you’ll be placing the hand towel in warm water and then wrapping it around your penis for a few minutes, both before the jelq exercise and after.

Proper jelq instruction. This is usually the biggest investment, and a wise one as well. Guys have tried to wing their own jelq instruction and the failure rate is often high when going this route. While basic jelq instruction is easy to find (we have a page on it HERE), the jelqing method is best performed from a proven, and guaranteed routine.


The benefits to investing in a solid routine is that the results will come much faster. You won’t get bored or inconsistent when you have a whole program in front of you, preferably one which is easy to follow and straightforward, while still providing insider tips and techniques, as well as variations on exercises for quicker and better results. This is a HUGE aspect to jelqing – being patient and consistent. Those that can master patience and consistency obtain results. Those don’t will give up with zero results.  With a program your patience and consistency are greatly increased.


Here’s our page for a recommended routine which only takes 6 minutes a day and guarantees 1-4 inch size gains – Jelqing Routine HERE.

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  1. brandon says:

    hello, do you guys know how many reps and sets of jelqing and stretching you should do daily if so please e-mail me bac asap thanx.

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