Does Jelqing Work?

Can Learning How To Jelq Increase Penis Size?

Jelqing Exercises

by elidork on January 26, 2012

Here’s a good video demonstrating jelqing exercises.

You first should warm up the penis with a warm hand towel wrapped around it for a few minutes.

Then need to be in a semi-erect situation which means a 50-60% erection.

You also need lubrication to apply to the penis to make the jelqing exercises safe and effective.

Jelqing exercises consist of taking your thumb + forefinger, make a circle, wrapping it around the base of the penis and gently massage upwards, releasing right before the head. Then repeat with the other hand.

A certain amount of sets and reps are performed depending on which routine you are following. Some routines also include penis stretches in between sets of jelqs, or after jelqing exercises are completed.

Finally the warm towel is re-warmed and placed around the penis for a ‘warm down’ session.

This is just the basics to jelqing exercises, there are different jelq instructions, jelq techniques, as well as additional jelqing tips and tricks for seeing progress faster.

This is why a good routine is always recommended. You’ll have everything there and you can follow the exact jelq instructions that have worked for other guys.

Good jelq instruction also keeps you motivated which is HUGE because the lack of motivation and consistency is what causes many guys to drop out after only a few weeks.

A good routine should be as short as possible, yet still effective for getting gains as quickly as possible. Once you start getting too complicated with 2 dozen different jelqing exercises and lengthy jelq instructions which can last up to an hour, then you’re setting yourself up for failure because not many can stick to that kind of routine.

Definitely check out the 6 minute jelqing routine page right HERE.

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