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Can Learning How To Jelq Increase Penis Size?

How Long Will Jelqing Results Last?

by elidork on April 15, 2011

So you’ve jelqed your way to a bigger penis. Gained the size you want and are looking impressive. Now the question arises, are these jelqing results going to last?

There are usually 3 groups:

Many guys have gained their size and completely stopped their exercising altogether.

Others have continued exercising as usual, even though they’ve reached their goals.

And others have switched over to a “maintaining” routine where they only perform jelqing occasionally.

So which group from the above is able to maintain their size?

Well, the first group who discontinues jelqing altogether are a mixed bag. Some guys report that they don’t seem to lose any size, while others report that they notice a slight decrease in size. Now it doesn’t seem that anyone actually loses ALL their size and goes back to their pre-jelqing state. At best they seem to lose only “some” size, while others seem to maintain all their size.

The second group who continues jelqing tends not to get any bigger and usually maintains size. Though at this point something should change. If they are after more attempted size, then they need to switch up their routine and do something different. If they want to maintain then they can just do what the third group does.

The third group will simply go on a maintaining routine, where they will only jelq occasionally in an attempt to maintain size. This is generally the way to go for ensuring that you will keep your jelqing results. And it certainly doesn’t have to be as stringent or exact as a regular jelqing routine. Some guys will go a few weeks or so without maintaining and this seems to be fine.

A good jelq routine will not only teach you how to grow, but also how to maintain and keep your size if you are worried about slightly losing a bit of length or girth. This routine shows you not only how to get 1-4 inches bigger, but how to keep it and even options for trying switching things up and trying to grow larger – Click here for the jelqing routine that I’m talking about.

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