Does Jelqing Work?

Can Learning How To Jelq Increase Penis Size?

Penis Length vs Girth

by elidork on January 26, 2012

A common question in regards to the jelqing exercise is, does jelqing increase length?

Yes, the jelqing exercise can increase length, but…

But it does seem to take time when it comes to length gains, as opposed to GIRTH gains which can come first. And this is the reason why “Does jelqing increase length” get’s asked so often.

Guys starting out will usually see girth, or width, gains first. Some get frustrated and say “wait a minute, I was after a longer dick, not so much interested in added thickness, so does jelqing increase length or not?”

Thickness first, length second in many cases it seems. Hence some guys will give up prematurely and that’s why you hear many reports of the jelqing exercise only being good for girth gains. Had they continued on, increased length could have been very likely, and perhaps they were only a few weeks away from a noticeable increase.

While on the subject of girth gains, or added penis size increase in the thickness department, to many guys this is actually way more important than length. Matter of fact a lot of guys specifically start up the jelqing exercise for girth only gains. Here’s why:

Many women do claim that penis size DOES matter. But these women are often not talking about how long your penis is, but rather how THICK it is. Makes sense if you think about. During sex, more pleasure is going to come from more penis. And more penis is going to be more stimulating through THICKNESS, not length.

The width of the penis is going to provide loads of pleasure as it penetrates more fully the vaginal walls. And the g-spot is not some far off spot you are trying to reach with the tip of your dick. It’s the sides of the penis which are going to penetrate. So if you are thicker on the sides then the more that G is going to be pleased!

So all in all, while jelqing can lead to added length, it does take time. But in the meantime, don’t discount the orgasmic leading GIRTH gains!

Check out the JELQING EXERCISES page for what jelqing actually looks like.

4 thoughts on “Penis Length vs Girth

  1. jay says:

    been jelq for 4 weeks now no gains am i doing it right or just wait longer

  2. Stewart says:

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  4. G Wheeler says:

    I’ve been faithfully jelqing for over 2 months now and although I’ve seen an increase of nearly 3/8 of an inch in girth the length does not seem to be coming. At least not upon full erection. I suppose there could be a 1/8 gain but that would be all. I started slowly and steadily built up to 400-500 jelqs a day with one or two days rest per week. I warm up usually for about 7-8 minutes and warm down for at least 5. I have noticed that when I am not quite erect my stretched length seems about 1/2 inch longer but when I go to a full erection I seem to lose that. I am at 6 inches by about 4.8 around and would really like to get to 7 x 5.5. I haven’t been doing stretching exercises which I should possibly do. Do you have any advice. I can be patient. I realized 8 or 9 weeks is still pretty early but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong, or I wasn’t omitting something important.

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